21 Şubat 2008 Perşembe

5 Key Questions to Ask BEFORE You Jump In: Decision Making Made Easy!

This year is already shaping up to be one of great success and abundance for clients and colleagues. Everywhere I turn over the past few weeks people are discussing their goal setting for the new year and whats transpired since the dawn of 2007 � and its only mid-February! New opportunities are coming into focus. Collaborative partnerships have been created. Multiples steams of income are increasing. Its amazing to watch all of this happening so quickly! 2007 is going to be an outrageously good year! We are all learning to use the Laws of Attraction more effectively and cut out the sabotaging behaviors.

Many people remark how great their fortune is turning out. They expound upon all the wonderful new opportunities they are attracting into their lives. But the underlying question is: How do I choose?This is often the trip up to manifesting your dreams. Sometimes trying to cover too much ground ends up with you spreading yourself too thin. Other times you may end up frozen simply unsure what to do for fear stumbling.

There are 5 simple questions you should ask yourself before making any decision. You can use this as a checklist to move you along your way quickly and easily.

1) Is this something I would like to do, be or have in my life?
If you would not like to do, be or have this element in your life then the answer is simple: dont do it. But keep in check that sometimes resistance may simply be caused by the fear of the unknown. There is a difference. Trust your gut � question#3.

2) Will this help me to realize my goal?

When you think about the end goal you have in mind does this choice help you get there? Is it a stepping stone along the way? Imagine your baking a cake: is this choice part of the ingredients to make this cake rise, taste good and be utterly delicious?

3) Does this feel good deep down in my gut?

What does your intuition tell you about this choice? Trusting your inner guidance is extremely important. It is an essential key to continually living and acting into your true potential. Do you feel the anticipation deep in the pit of your stomach? This could feel like butterflies, radiating warmth or a pleasant pang.

4) Will this choice help me to better myself and others?

Success is a yin & yang like experience. One compliments the other in the same measure. Would the choice you make benefit others? If it is an exclusive benefit then its not something that will harmonize with the Universal Laws. The opportunity that will serve you best is when you are also serving others. This does not need to be complicated. Dont over think it.

5) When you wake up the next day will you feel happy or will you be filled with regret?

This statement does not only apply to the dating world! :) Ask yourself if the decision or choice you make today you would be able to live with tomorrow.

Use these 5 questions to help you sort through any emotional hurdles you may encounter as your attract more of what you want into your lives. Keep on the look out for any limiting beliefs that may arise along the way. Kick the self sabotage to the curb darlin and go for it!

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