21 Şubat 2008 Perşembe

Having Trouble With Your Goals? Apply 5 Simple Steps For Guaranteed Results

Before I am about to introduce the simple steps how you can achieve results for your goals. I like to take this chance to explain what a goal purpose is for.

Definition of Goal:
"the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it"
as defined at : http://www.wordreference.com/definition/goal

Basically we set goals to achieve objectives to achieve something we want to be done in our life. However, there are many who plan out their goals tend to give up on them too soon before they actually achieve it.

I too was one of those victims who had a problem setting goals and achieving them. I set new goals every year but realized I never once achieve any of them. Have you ever wonder why?

As I ponder the problem as to why it was not happening to me then I did some research on it and came out with these 5 simple steps once implement will guaranteed you to achieve almost anything!

Here is my simple five step Goal settings that can be used to reach any goal every time:

1. Decide what is your objective that you want exactly
(write it down on a piece of paper and paste it some where in your room where you can see it very clearly everyday)

2. Write down reasons WHY do you want it!
(Make sure you write this down in bold and big! Also, the bigger the reason the more it will motivate you from giving yourself up)

3. Define in clear details what are the actions you need to take to achieve it
(Ensure the actions are written clearly on the paper with as much details as possible.)

(Write in detail all the steps involved on your calendar to be able to achieve the result you want)

5. Lastly YOU MUST DO IT!
(Many people set goals but do they really bother to do it! That's the no.1 reason why when they set goals nothing seems to be achieve in the end)

Once all that is done, you must find images or photos that represent your goal and put them in place you will often see! (example, your screensaver, your room door, bathroom, office desk)

If your goal is a long term goal, you have to break it into smaller goals. Schedule at least one thing to do each day. Setup your goals to be done each day and it will add up and you will create enough momentum to carry you through!

Also you want to let people know what your goals are! Tell as much people as you can. In the office, your family members, your friends any one who you meet! Why must you do that? It's because if they know your goal and see that nice car on your goal chart. They can sometimes remind you how's that car goal of yours coming! Which in turn reminds you to do what you actually plan out for.

So Live your dreams today and starting doing it!

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