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How to Price Your Services Without Guilt or Fear

To charge, or not to charge, that is the question. And, if you do charge, how do you do it without feeling guilty?

As lightworkers and healers, it can be an internal battle when you try to set your pricing. Part of you says, it's wrong to profit from the Universe. Another part of you reasons that you must make a living in order to keep doing what you love. Still another part of you says that maybe if you charge a fee well under what seems greedy, it will all work out.

You are here to share your gifts. You are here to live your passion. We live in a physical Universe where the exchange for goods and services is money. Unfortunately, we've been taught that money can be bad, or evil. Let's change that thinking.

In order to survive, you must make money. You need food, you need shelter, and it's nice to have things that make life easier. In order to live authentically, you must follow your passion. It's ok to put the two together.

Here are five steps to pricing your services without feeling fear, guilt or anxiety.

The first step is, charge for your time - not for your particular gift. It can sometimes feel wrong to charge for this amazing gift. However, your time is valuable. When you are performing your services for clients, you can't spend time with your family, you can't pursue your hobby, you can't clean the house - you can't do anything but be with that client. Your time is worth something in exchange.

The next step in setting your pricing is determine what your time is worth. Look around at what others are charging for the same service. Be sure to find those that are in close proximity to you - this will give you an idea of what the market will bear in your area.

The third step in setting fair pricing is to determine what is right in your heart. If you look at another lightworker, and they are charging $60 per hour, but that doesn't sit right with you, think about $55 and see how that feels. Think about different prices and see how they resonate with you. When you land on the right price, you'll know.

The fourth step is to consider your experience in a particular area. If you are just starting out as a Reiki Practitioner, it's ok to charge a little less until you've gotten more experience in the modality. It's just like having a job working for someone else - you start at a lesser pay rate and work your way up according to your experience.

Lastly, offer a money-back guarantee. If at the end of your session, the client feels as though they didn't get anything from it, give them their money back. When people try something new, it's easier if they know there is little risk of losing money to something with unknown results.

Setting, and asking for a price can be challenging the first time. If you set a price that you feel good about, stick to it. The clients that you are meant to work with will rarely balk at your pricing. If someone has a problem with your rate, remind them of your money-back guarantee. They can always try the service. Chances are, if they go ahead and hire you, they'll be pleased with the results.

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