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How & Why Did I Attract This Mess?

Over the years, as Ive learned more and more about the spiritual and energetic aspects of life there has always been a sticking point. There is one thing that makes the concept of co-creation sometimes difficult to swallow. What happens when something bad or negative transpires in your life? Or in your business? Many clients ask How did I attract this mess? I should have known better! This kind of self condemnation is often more destructive than the actual alleged mess. It can send you into a spiral of negativity that will only attract more of the same. So Im throwing up the road signs STOP! YEILD! CAUTION -HEAVY TRAFFIC AHEAD! Take a moment to consider this from another vantage point.

Recently I was working with a client who experienced what would be termed a betrayal. The reason and exact details are not actually important. However, her words where ones I hear often: I know too much to have had this happen to me! I should have known better but I dont know why this happened. Was she actually attracting this type of event to herself? Most people would simply say YES! There must be some deep seeded limiting belief that others will betray her. That would be the simple short answer but what is important here is to understand that the Law of Attraction (LOA) also works on another level.

o When there is a burning issue that has not been able to be resolved in the past often times you will draw another experience of a similar circumstance. This is done to give you the opportunity to resolve the past issue by using the here and now experience. It can show up in either your personal or professional life. The Universal laws do not discriminate.

o Your heart sends out a beacon into the world as you still feel the hurt and pain from the original experience and youre deep regret to have had things go a different way. This is a subconscious or deep spiritual focus which activates the LOA to bring you what you need.

In the clients case she was seeking to resolve a past hurt from a betrayal years prior which she was not able to resolve deep inside of herself. By re- experiencing the pain she has the opportunity to handle and resolve a similar situation in the way she ultimately would have liked to originally.

I am in no way going to diminish someone pain and frustration around a negative situation. But it is important to ask yourself the following questions during these times to determine whats actually happening;

a) Was I expecting a negative situation based on my own limiting beliefs?


b) Am I experiencing this negative situation so that I can resolve a past issue?

Both are learning experiences. If you can embrace this as such youre ability to let go and release yourself from a struggling cycle will be severely shortened. The Universe will bring you experience after experience to navigate until you make different choices and resolve the issue on a deep level. It can sometimes feel like Ground Hog Day! There is no need to beat yourself up for the challenges you experience in your life or the mistakes you make. Simply learn from them and move forward.

As one of my favorite teachers, Carolyn Myss, says Its just another day at Earth School : )

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