21 Şubat 2008 Perşembe

A Great Way To Plan A Task

I am not sure that many sales people, managers, and small business owners that I know really have a systematic way of planning their tasks and programs. I must be far behind but I discovered for myself recently a very good way of doing that. I have known about story boarding for a long time, however, I was not aware of the business technique of mind mapping.

Recently I came across this remarkable way of putting on paper or on your computer screen the ability to list all the ideas one might have on a particular task or program and then to plan out all the steps in a logical way. And to do so in a visual manner. Mind mapping does that for me.

Some people like task lists that can be date and time stamped or just making a list of tasks and dates to be completed. Some like project management capabilities, but the mind map is the ability to brainstorm all the ideas and tasks that are needed for a project and then to visually show them through boxes or clouds or pictures or whatever you choose. It is also a great way to have your team have all their brainstorming placed coherently on a screen or computer program. It is a powerful way to move from A all the way to Z on a project or on an idea. And to do so for those of us who are visual people.

I used mind mapping when I worked on the production and marketing of my new book project. I placed a picture of the book in the mind mapping program and then from that picture I was able to list over a period of time all the tasks and their deadline dates, including the person responsible, to get the book to production as an eBook, print book and audio book. It was awesome to see the project and to have a ready handle on the whole project at hand.

Recently we decided to produce an upcoming series of podcasts on business and I began the same process with the podcast, going as far as listing desired themes and guests, and what all was needed to begin producing the podcasts in the first place. Mind mapping has really been a Godsend for me.

A friend is planning a business trip to Africa to film and take photos for a project he is doing. He is using mind mapping to make sure all of his contacts are remembered and contacted; all of his tasks are planned and carried out so that his trip will be a success.

What about all those mind mapping programs? As is always the case, there is a great deal of selection when it comes to mind mapping software. You can get commercial mind mapping programs that cost hundreds of dollars. I downloaded one of their trial versions for my book project and to see if I really liked and would use the concept. I then turned to open source mind mapping software as an alternative. For my purposes as a business person and for the multiplicity of needs I have for it from internet marketing to corporate ideas and tasks to book and blog projects, I decided at least for the time being to forgo the expense of software and use an open source mind mapping program. It was a free download.

You may decide a different route but whatever direction you decide to go from purchasing commercial mind mapping programs to open source programs, I suggest that you get serious about mind mapping your ideas and projects for your business. It will be a great way to make sure that you are on top of things in your planning and execution. And it will help those who are with you on the project to see the end result, including the process on how you arrived there.

I wish now that i had discovered mind mapping years ago. Do not find yourself wishing the same thing. Try mind mapping! See if it organizes your ideas, plans and projects better for you. It may be an essential item in growing your business

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